PIP Mountain bike challenge

I was asked to video the PIP mountain bike challenge 2014 in Henley on Thames. So over several hours I compiled this video.


PIP challenge 2014 from Paul Newbery on Vimeo.


Preparing for the winter

The nights are drawing in and the trails are becoming muddy once again, time to dust off the mudguards and prepare the hose. I have joined a new gym which will hopefully allow me to more CV sessions along with a personal trainer to work on strength for my legs and core. I have even chosen my music to go on the ipod for these workouts and the rides on the muddy tracks, a mix of Massive Attack, New Model Army and Nine Inch Nails  hopefully that should relieve the tedium of the treadmills.

Other than reinstalling mudguards, I am not going to change anything on my bike apart from the chain device which is still proving to be a bit of a problem.

mtb- The trails are turning muddy again

The trails are turning muddy again

Though if I find more money I wont say no to a lighter set of wheels and shiny blingy gearset.

problem chain device, still not doing a good job

problem chain device, still not doing a good job

when it seems that it never goes right

Well I am back in training, what better excuse to enjoy the late summer sun that was plan anyway. It didn’t work out that way everything seem to be conspiring against me to get the ride in. Before I had even got to the end of the driveway the bike got a puncture so using my spare tube to fix it I set off again, what are the chances of getting another puncture on a short ride ?

About 30 minutes later going down a hill not a bumpy one at that, the chain came off. The chain retention device is supposed to keep the bloody chain on not make it a pain in the arse to put it back on! Some adjustments this weekend are called for.

it supposed to keep the chain on, not make it difficult to put it back on.

it supposed to keep the chain on, not make it difficult to put it back on.

Halfway around the loop, the punctured again, so my earlier question answered and with no spare tube or puncture kit it was a four mile walk home 😦

more inner tubes and puncture repair kit ordered

more inner tubes and puncture repair kit ordered

At least I didn’t fall off..


Finish line at of the South Downs ride

Finish line at of the South Downs ride

I have been meaning to post here for some time about my training progress, but for someone reason I just haven’t had a chance.  So before I knew it the big day had arrived. Thankfully all the training paid off, I had a brilliant day. The British Heart Foundation did a fantastic job organising the event, the weather was perfect not too hot and overcast for most of the ride and beautiful sunshine by the beach at the finish line.  Hopefully I will return next year.  

South Downs Ride 2013 from Paul Newbery on Vimeo.

See good in bad


A sea of Bluebells in South Oxfordshire


Abstract art, or my bike wheel in front of some bluebells

It’s no secret that the weather has been pretty crap, I am probably seriously lacking in vitamin D, the good thing about the rain is that the bluebells are amazing! Getting back on the bike after a two week break and riding through a  beautiful carpet of blue the poor weather can be forgiven.
Even when I was in Venice earlier, the weather played a part in making a memorable holiday. I think I will always remember wading barefoot with water up to my knees, apparently only 1/1000 tourists experience that, how cool is that? I am definitely learning how to see the good in bad, perhaps I am becoming an optimist 🙂


I have got to walk through that, there’s a Prosecco at the end of it !



Normal service is restored